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Lighting The Lamp: High School Extra Edition

February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Good Saturday morning everyone. Last night I took in the semifinal round at the North Dakota high school state hockey tournament. In the first semi, Bismarck High School defeated Grand Forks Central 4-1 to advance to their first championship game since 1992. The Demons have just one loss on the season, which came earlier this year up in Williston. In the late semi, Grand Forks Red River defeated Fargo South for the third year in a row in the state tournament to advance to their third straight title game. It should be a good one, especially since no one brings the atmosphere quite like Red River fans.

Anyways, you come here for the college hockey, so let’s get to that after the jump: Read more…

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Weekly Rankings

February 24, 2009 1 comment

First off I’d like to apologize both for the lack of content on here and the delay in getting the rankings out this week. I had two papers due and a test last week, and have two more tests this week. It’s not a good time to be a college student, folks. This (hopefully) will be the last week of such shenanigans, so expect more content, including an updated Hobey Watch, in the coming weeks.

On to the rankings. I literally thought about BU vs. Notre Dame for 20 minutes, but in the end I think BU has the ever so slight edge still. I do know that if they get to meet up in the Frozen Four it will be a heck of a matchup, and one I would love to watch.

In keeping with my slacker theme this week, just the rankings. Oh well, it’s not like I offer much in the way of nuggets anyways. Read more…

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Bracketology, Week 5

February 19, 2009 7 comments

Is this week 5? I have no idea. Maybe it’s week 6. In any event, this week’s bracket was fairly static. Our four #1 seeds stay the same, but Northeastern creeps ever closer to that 4th #1 spot. The one interesting question this week is who on Earth would want to go to Bridgeport? Yale has to because they are the host and BU right now is pretty much a lock. The other two seeds in that regional are going to have a tough time indeed.

On a regionalization note: thankfully the NCAA has tabled that for a year, and we won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the year. Quite frankly, the thought of a BU-Northeastern, Minnesota-Denver, Michigan-Miami, Notre Dame-Vermont Elite 8 made me mad. I want to see inter-conference matchups, not the same old same old. Read more…

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Weekly Rankings

February 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Last weekend seemed like a warmup to this coming one. BU took care of business for the most part against Maine to remain atop our rankings, and Notre Dame dominated Northern Michigan to remain at #2. Some great ones are on tap for this weekend however as BU faces off against Northeastern, Michigan faces Ohio State and Yale hosts Princeton. Regardless of how those games turn out, next week’s rankings should feature a lot of movers and shakers.

1. BU (23-5-2) (14-5-2) No Change

The Terriers currently lead the nation in winning percentage, combined special teams and scoring margin. Read more…

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Bracket, Week Four

February 11, 2009 Leave a comment

This week’s bracket was a mess to figure out. There were quite a few teams that were nearly impossible to figure out where they stand even right now, much less trying to project them a month away (looking at you Vermont and Cornell). But we did our best.

For your new readers, and a refresher for you old ones, our bracket is based off what we think the bracket will look like when it is announced, not how we think it shakes out at this moment. And we also do not base our bracket based on the regionalization issue that has yet to be resolved. Read more…

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Tuesday Links

February 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Just some light reading to get you through some of the mid-week doldrums.

A look at the Devils without Brodeur (Josh Q. Public)

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hit the skids as of late. (Cursed Cleveland)

Some serious Twittering of the Beanpot final.

A tribute to Alonzo Mourning (City of Champs)

Remembering Jeremy Lusk. (Sparty and Friends)

Projecting some Bracketology (Vegas Watch)

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Weekly Rankings

February 10, 2009 1 comment

As you’ve noticed we’ve had some technical difficulties recently. I’m not a computer whiz, but I’m doing my best to get them all worked out.

I was debating whether or not I should run these rankings this morning, or yesterday even though I was going to have BU at #1 regardless. The Terriers rewarded me with a 5-2 thumping of Northeastern and their 29th Beanpot title.

1. BU (22-5-1) (13-5-1) Up 1

2. Notre Dame (21-5-3) (15-4-3) Down 1

The Irish could be without Christian Hanson and Ryan Thang next weekend. Read more…

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