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We’re getting down to the end of our bracketology. I know I’ve had a lot of fun putting the time and effort into making these, and hopefully you all have had fun reading and critiquing them.

Because it’s been two weeks since we’ve last put out a bracket it looks quite a bit different. If you look at the pairwise teams have moved both way up and way down. One important thing to remember though is that with a strong run in conference tournaments, virtually any team can get their way into the tournament via the at-large. Without further ado, this week’s bracket.


1. Michigan vs. 4. St. Lawrence

2. Denver vs. 3. Cornell

Grand Rapids

1. Notre Dame vs. 4. Air Force

2. North Dakota vs. 3. Miami


1. BU vs. 4. Niagara

2. Vermont vs. 3. Yale


1. Northeastern vs. 4. Ohio State

2. New Hampshire vs. 3. Princeton

So there you have it. I think this week we did a good job of really balancing out the regionals. Bridgeport seems to be the toughest regional, but with the way teams like Princeton, North Dakota and St. Lawrence are playing right now you really could make a case for the other three as well.

This week’s projected auto-bids: BU, North Dakota, Cornell, Notre Dame, Air Force, Niagara

This week’s projected Frozen Four: Michigan, Notre Dame, BU, Princeton

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