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Further Proof That Hockey Players Aren’t Smart

May 21, 2009 6 comments

This week’s SI Players Poll:

This poll was taken from 324 NHL players:

1. Alex Ovechklin, Capitals LW-51%
2. Nicklas Lidstrom-Red Wings D-11%
3. Evgeni Malkin, Penguins C-7%
4. Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings C-7%
5. Jarome Iginla, Flames RW-5%
6. Henrik Zetterberg, Red Wings C-5%

Poll was completed just before the playoffs, and players could not vote for a teammate. Penguins C Sidney Crosby tied for eighth (1.9), Devils G Martin Brodeur also at 1.9% was the only goalie among the 13 players who got multiple votes.

Where to start. First off, the best player in the world tied for 8th. The Sidney Crosby haters are just ridiculous. Does the guy whine and talk to the refs? Of course. Guess what. He’s the captain. That’s his job. And people act like no one else complains to the refs. Watch a penalty get called one time, it’s ridiculous. The best players across all sports all complain because they want whatever edge they can get. Crosby is the best skater in the league, close to the best stickhandler, he’s a great passer, excellent in his own end, and as you have seen these playoffs, can put the puck in the net. Crosby also has probably the best hockey IQ on Earth. If you watch a Pens game he is just playing a different game out there than everyone else. He frequently is a step ahead of everyone else, it’s amazing.

Listen: Is Ovechkin the best scorer? Yes of course he is. But there are two halves to a hockey rink. If you don’t contribute on one end you don’t get to be called the best player in the world* (which is why I wouldn’t have Nick Lidstrom up there either). Calling Ovechkin a better hockey player than Crosby is akin to calling Ryan Howard a better baseball player than Albert Pujols. And no one on Earth would do that.

Also, personally I think Henrik Zetterberg is better than Datsyuk, but I understand I am in the minority there, and I can see the argument. Datsyuk is a flashier player than Z and thus gets noticed more. He’s very talented in his own right so no major qualms there.

Lastly, Zach Parise absolutely should be on this list. He was second in goals in the regular season, and he passes better than Ovechkin and is much much much better in his own end.

And Marty Brodeur as the only goalie? He is good, that’s for sure, but if he wouldn’t have had hall of fame defensemen in front of him, plus the playing style that killed hockey, I’d love to see where he’d be on the all-time wins list. He is no way, no how the best goalie in hockey right now.

I think we can mark this under “Hockey Player Fail”

*other than goalies of course

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No Medal For US At Worlds

The United States still hasn’t won a medal at the world championships since 2006. With 11 minutes left Sweden broke a 2-2 tie and added an empty netter at the end to make it 4-2. Jack Johnson (Michigan) and Joe Pavelski (Wisconsin) scored for the Americans. While the US finished fourth in the tournament they moved up to 5th in the world rankings.

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Do You Believe In Miracles? NO!

29 years after the Miracle on Ice, the US had their run at the World Championships stopped by Russia, 3-2. Dustin Brown and Kyle Okposo (Minnesota) scored for the United States. Ron Hainsey (UMass-Lowell) and John-Michael Liles (Michigan State) assisted on the Okposo goal. Robert Esche had 20 saves.

The US will take on Sweden for the bronze on Sunday, while Canada is Russia’s gold medal opponent.

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Duncan To Play In Austria

Former Sioux Ryan Duncan will be plying his trade in Europe last year. The Hobey winner will play for Red Bull Salzburg next year. Duncan had 85 goals and 172 points in his 4 year career at UND

h/t GF Herald

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US Downs Finland, Into World Semis

I’m a day late on this, but with finals coming up and the NHL playoffs getting into full swing (not to mention the Scrubs series finale) I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.

For the first time since 2004, the United States will have a shot at a medal in the World Championships after defeating pesky Finland 3-2.  In the last 8 meetings between the two countries, the United States had gone 0-7-1. Robert Esche stopped 47 of 49 shots and was named the Americans player of the game. Dustin Brown, TJ Oshie (North Dakota) and Ryan Suter (Wisconsin) scored for the United States

The US will take on Russia in the semifinal round.

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