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Hobey Baker Big Board

January 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Fan voting for the Hobey Baker Award begins today, and as has been a theme for the past couple of seasons, there are a lot of players who are in the running for the award, but it has narrowed to a handful of candidates. The following list is my list of the top five candidates for the award, in the order in which I think they deserve it, not how I think the award voting would look if it were done today.

1. Johnny Gaudreau, F, Boston College

Gaudreau had one of the best WJC tournaments ever for an American forward, leading the tournament with 7 goals. He also, despite missing a few games due to the aforementioned WJC, is just one behind the national leaders in goals scored in college hockey this year. Because he has missed those games, he leads the nation in goals per game with .79. Gaudreau’s best assets are his ability with the puck and his hockey sense, and both have been on display this season.

2. Corban Knight, F, North Dakota

After being overshadowed for the past couple of seasons, Knight has dominated this year. He has 10 goals and is third in the nation in points per game. He currently has a 15 game point streak, and he’s getting it done elsewhere on the ice as well: he’s one of the best face off men in the country, winning 60.2% of his draws, which is on pace to break his own school record.

3. Ryan Walters, F, Nebraska-Omaha

I don’t look at win-loss record when filling out Hobey rankings, but it’s tough not to notice that Omaha is currently in first place in the WCHA. Walters has been a big part of that, leading the country with 13 goals (though it has taken him 22 games, putting him off the pace in terms of goals per game). He’s uh drafted, but has an outside shot at doubling his career high for goals in a season and has Omaha playing some of their best hockey since Dean Blais got there.

4. Joey LaLeggia, D, Denver

There isn’t a standout defender this year, but LaLeggia has been impressive again coming off a standout freshman season. He should approach the 38 points he had last year, and with 7 goals already this year it seems to be a lock that he will top the 11 goals he had last season.

LaLeggia still has some work to do in terms of his pro prospects because he is pretty undersized for that level, but because of his puck moving and passing skills as well as his skating he’s mastered the college game and is one of the best defensemen in the country.

5. Brett Gensler, F, Bentley

Every year sees someone from outside the big conferences get a Hobey nod, and so far that guy is Gensler. He has scored 11 goals on the year and leads the country scoring 1.71 points per game. Bentley is just 6th in Atlantic Hockey, but if Gensler keeps this up I don’t see how it’s possible to keep the nation’s leading scorer off the ballot, even when considering the level of competition. Especially when considering how much Atlantic Hockey has improved over the past couple of seasons.

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Congrats To Matt Gilroy

April 11, 2009 1 comment

Gilroy, soon to be a very rich man and perhaps a national champion, won the 2009 Hobey Baker Award last night, besting teammate Colin Wilson and Northeastern Goalie Brad Thiessen. Gilroy had 8 goals and 28 assists on the season and his .82 points per game ranked 11th among defensemen this year. Gilroy also played very well in his defensive end this year for the Terriers, who were the 3rd best defensive team in the country this year.Gilroy is the first defenseman to win the Hobey since Denver’s Matt Carle.

Although I had Gilroy 2nd on my personal ballot behind his teammate Colin Wilson there is no doubt he is a deserving Hobey winner.

One final note, remember to watch the national championship game tonight (as if you guys didn’t know). My prediction: BU wins a tight 3-2 battle.

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Hobey Candidates Announced

March 20, 2009 Leave a comment

They can be found here

My thoughts…

3 Goalies. Johnson, Kalemba and Thiessen have all been fantastic. Kalemba has the best numbers, Thiessen plays for the best team, but it was Johnson that led a team with 1, yes you read that correctly, 1 10 goal scorer to a top 4 CCHA finish.

WCHA only gets one candidate. I would have thought Ryan Stoa would get in the top 10 as well when you look at the type of season he has had.

Jacques Lamoureux, in my mind, deserves to be a Hobey hat trick finalist. Especially when you add in the personal problems he’s overcome.

Colin Wilson doesn’t have the best stats, but I think he’s the best player in the country.

Love seeing David McIntyre in there. Colgate was under .500, but McIntyre had 43 points, which is a 4th of the teams total, and had a +/- of +18. For an under .500 team. Unbelievable.

I’ll have more thoughts on the Hobey as we near the announcement of the winner, and starting Monday I’ll finish the conference awards.

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